Software Configuration Management

This is my page of notes on Software Configuration Management. In my few years of experience (1st, 2nd and 3rd hand) in software development, I've become abhored at the practices (or lack thereof) to produce quality software by organizations. I think there's a general lack of knowledge on just how easy it is to produce quality software, so I'm compiling the tips & skills that I've acquired and making them availible to the world. Producing quality software shouldn't take any more time or money than current development does. In fact, it should reduce testing and debugging time, hence reducing total development costs. Many organizations shy away from implimenting a program (set of steps) to produce quality software. They've probably been scared by the complexity of huge standards like ISO9001. I don't think that most organizations need anything that complex. What I'm outlining here is a simple set of steps & tips that anyone who programs should be able to understand. Hopefully, I'll also be able to articulate to the less technically inclined managers why they should use these recomendations.

Recomendations. That's all these are. Not every recomendation will be right for every team. They tend to be skewed towards the groups I've worked with. In fact, that was the origional reason I went to put all this information on the web: so that every member of my team could access it. (I didn't do this at work though so that no one would bicker about improper use of my time or government resources, or anything of the sort.) I try to provide reasoning for any recomendations that aren't commonly accepted. Accept what's useful; Throw some out; Add in some of your own. The most importaint thing the pages can do for you is get you to think about how to produce quality software.

I haven't had a chance to see what other resources such as this are availible on the web, but will compile a list of links with reviews when I get a chance to do so.

All I have right now is some Coding Style Recomendations.

"Zow" Terry Brugger
Last modified: Sat Jan 23 16:35:36 PST 1999