ToDo design document

This document is my collected thoughts on the improved ToDo list for the Palm. It is meant to change dynamically thoughout the life of the project.

Project Goal

I intend to create an improved To Do for the Palm organizer. Improvements will be made in such areas as addressing dependancies on other list items, long term projects, repeating tasks, finer control over the time that tasks should be performed and alarms to remind the user to perform tasks.

Form design

Main Form

The main screen of the application will display the list of items that the user is concerned about at that time. Each task will have a checkbox denoting completion, its priority, name and (if applicable) due date listed. The latter two fields will be user-editable. It will also display two buttons at the bottom: one to add a new task and one to display the properties of the current task. The second button will be greyed out if no task is currently selected.


The application will have a menu with the selections:

New Task Form

This form is used to enter a new task into the system. At the top are three radio boxes:

Under these is a selection for the priority and a text field for the name of the task. Then there are drop lists for catagory selection and time of day. After that is a check box for the alarm. And finally, there are Dependancy, Okay and Cancel buttons.

New Task Sub-Form

Under the default form for a new task is one of three sub-forms, corresponding to the radio box selection above.

Standard Task

This form offers a checkbox for "Alert if overdue." and a list of due dates to select from:

Choose, of course, brings up the calander.

Repeating Task

This form offers a checkbox for "Alert if missed." and a line, "Repeat every X UNITS." Where X is a user selectable number from 1-12 and UNITS is one of:


This sub-form is identical to that for a standard task. The only difference between the two types is in the handling of the data.

Dependancy Form

Details Form

Attach Note Form

About box

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